Competence creates Confidence


For over 40 years, IPT's employees have been making an impression thanks to their ability to develop exceptionally good solutions to challenging technical problems.

Working for IPT means continuously striving for perfection and taking on new challenges with expertise and passion. Working for IPT also means working together with our customers to continuously come up with optimum product and service solutions to meet their specific requirements. 

As a medium-sized company, we offer our employees a work environment in which they can develop and expand their expertise.


We are accessible

Kompetenz zeigt sich in den Details

Rooted in Todtenweis, a village steeped in tradition in the Bavarian/Swabian province close to Augsburg, Germany, we work with customers and partners from all over the world. As a technology leader and system provider for complete test laboratories of any size, we are the people to contact for a key section of users in the plastics industry worldwide.




Our competence creates confidence

Kompetenz zeigt sich in den Details

Transforming ideas into innovative products in line with demand requires expertise, passion and a great deal of teamwork. Creativity and accountability are key elements of our day-to-day work. That's why we are looking for employees who are keen to demonstrate their talent again and again




We are founded on partnership

Kompetenz zeigt sich in den Details

We know that exceptional performance is only possible with real teamwork. We provide the ideal conditions for this.
As a medium-sized company, we intend to pursue our ambitious objectives and continue to expand. When it comes to our employees and service providers, we rely on commitment, creativity and teamwork.