Pioneer in quality testing – since 1969


The history of IPT stretches back to the early days of modern plastics processing. 

The history of IPT stretches back to the early days of modern plastics processing. 
Thanks to the development of thermoplastic and particularly of corresponding processing methods, in the 1960s, moulded parts could now be produced at unbeatable prices. Plastic developed from being a substitute material of special importance to a material for industrial mass production. With this came the need for effective quality control.

As one of the global leaders in this field, the Institut für Prüftechnik produced pioneering work.

Today IPT is still one of the most innovative leaders for quality assurance in the plastics processing industry. Modern measurement- and control technology, in combination with matured and proven mechanical components, increase the efficiency and profitability of our systems substantially.
Top availability, longevity and durability of the IPT products are controlled, managed and visualized by the specific application software IptDataLogging. The central "quality and management control center" has become a reality.


1969 - the beginnings

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  • In 1969, four young men, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, a mathematician and a salesman, founded IPT, the "Institut für Prüftechnik" (institute for testing technology).
  • Their basic idea was both to develop test equipment for thermoplastic quality tests and to provide services as a qualified institute.  Although IPT test equipment was hugely popular, demand for testing services was not so high.
  • 1970 - first pipe tester and sample endclosures made from aluminium
  • 1970 - first test bath

1979 - capacity expansion

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  • In the 1970s, the company developed into one of the world's most innovative development and production companies for pipe testing systems
  • 1979 - purchase of company building in Todtenweis
  • 1984 - new office and production building

1985 - technological advancement

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  • Determined, taking pleasure in technical challenges and always working in close cooperation with the international users of their products and services, Friedrich Sommer and Robert Machaczek led IPT successfully into the 1990s.
  • 1985 - first temperature cycling test unit with pressure vessels

1992 - globalisation

  • Between 1998 and 2009, Dirk Sommer transformed the business into an economically sound company that has sustained its position globally as an owner-operated company.
  • 1992 - launch of IptDataLogging® test software
  • 1995 - Airless pipe tester with water pump

2000 - certification

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  • As part of a continual improvement process, the products and processes were further developed in line with the most stringent international quality standards.
  • Right in the middle of the company's most successful phase to date, employees and business partners were hit hard by the death of Dirk Sommer in 2009.
  • 2000 - certification in accordance with ISO 9001
  • 2000 - first temperature cycling tester with pump technology (without pressure vessels)

2010 - further modernisation

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  • With the management team Sven Sommer and Amadou Ba leading the company successfully into the new decade now, you can be sure that the new markets and strategically important contracts with the developing and delivery of testing laboratories, shape the sustainable development of the company.
  • 2010 - new Airless technology model 1720
  • 2010 - Quix endclosures made entirely from stainless steel
  • 2012 - falling weight tester model 1713
  • 2013 - IptDataLogging® Version 6