Quality is our passion

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Quality is the foundation of our existence. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important guiding principle of our business.

Our definition of quality encompasses much more than compliance with international standards: it covers the development of innovative solutions, the generation of maximum customer satisfaction and the development and setting of new international standards. This is what we are striving for.

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Compliance with standards

  • It goes without saying that our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with EU directives.
  • The Machinery, EMC and Low Voltage Directives are just a selection of the regulations with which we must comply. All our products are CE-compliant.
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Continual improvement process

  • By working closely with our customers, we methodically use their experience to optimise our products.
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Precision down to the last detail

  • When developing our equipment, we make sure that we remain well below the permitted tolerance levels of the standards. This means that you obtain meaningful values and ensures that your test results can be reliably reproduced.
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We take customer satisfaction seriously

  • We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.
  • Our aspiration is to be flexible in implementing customer requirements, guarantee the high reliability of the test equipment, ensure that spare parts are available at short notice and facilitate the prompt availability of service engineers.
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Innovative ability

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  • Our strengths are based on our expertise in developing outstanding solutions to new challenges.
  • We use state-of-the-art measuring and control techniques.
  • We ensure optimum use of energy resources.
  • We combine design and functionality and work together with renowned product Designers.