Flexible and modular structure

Load box

> Model no. 1772

The load box is an extension of the temperature cycling tester for waste water. An extension facilitates testing of a pipe installed in the ground. The test pipe is embedded in filler material inside a load box for that purpose. Static, hydraulic pressure is applied from the top. During the test, the tester can inspect the test pipe for crack formation, local bending as well as leak-tightness of the connections.

The test device consists of the following components: 

  • Extension set for the box load test of the temperature cycling unit 1772 with a device for generating the water pressure for the leak test (water column) and a platform for the load box
  • Load box for tests acc. to ISO 13260 method A + B on pipes up to greater than or equal 205 mm
  • Apertures (for different dimensions from DN 32 to 200mm)
  • Load unit (manual)
  • Option of pressure monitoring with integration into IptDataLogging®
  • Pipe closures with holder for spray lances
  • Spray lances for closures 

According to following standards:

  • ISO 13260

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

  • Easily removable side walls for fast and comfortable emptying of the box



Reliable test results:

  • Integrated and highly accurate sensors 

Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality equipment components to ensure high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs



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