High quality equipment


Automatic compensation of volume increase

Pressure regulation to low tolerances

Pressure range from 30 to 500 bar

> Model no. 1607, 1608, 1609
> Model no. 1766

Standards and regulations worldwide require procedures involving dynamic internal pressure loads when testing pipes and pipe components. The IPT pulsator provides you with all the technological options to enable you to carry out sinusoidal and line-type pressure tests.

The self-optimising pressure control enables the pressure to remain within the strictest tolerances. The pressure progression can be plotted and recorded as a graph when the system is connected to IptDataLogging®.

New generation of hydro-pulsator for pressure ranges up to 500 bar
The new hydro-pulsator is a further milestone for pressure cycling enabling pressure tests up to 500 bar with automatic failure detection using low-noise pressure pumps. There is also the option of recovering energy stored in the system and returning it to the power network.

According to following standards: 

  • EN 12295
  • DVGW W 534
  • DVGW W 543

Simple and safe operation:

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  • Operated via an electronic controller
  • Convenient operation and clear visualisation via integrated touch display (Model no. 1766)

Reliable test results:

  • Automatic volume compensation if the sample expands under pressure
  • Microprocessor-controlled, self-learning pressure regulation with automatic failure detection (Model no. 1766)

Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs
  • Reduction in energy costs thanks to energy recovery (Model no. 1766)

State-of-the-art technology:

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  • Interface to IptDataLogging®
  • Connection to Pipeson Data Manager Software
  • Option to recover energy stored in the system and return it to the power network (Model no. 1766)
  • Use of low-noise pressure pumps (Modell-Nr. 1766)