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> Model no. 1769, 1770

The temperature cycling test for pipe systems places the test systems under extremely tough conditions and requires quality, high performance components in order to ensure long-lasting reliability. IPT benefits from decades of experience in this particular field and has consistently further developed this technology to produce a complete series of products capable of meeting the most varied of requirements. Systems designed for different capacities are available depending on the number, diameter and physical parameters of the pipe systems to be tested.

In order to also satisfy future test requirements, IPT has invested in further development of the technology for temperature cycling testing. With significantly increased flow rates, the new generation of test systems can now also be used to subject large pipes and fittings to temperature cycling tests, in line with the applicable standards.The proven IPT technology for temperature cycling tests is available for pipes with an outside diameter of up to 160 mm.

The new IPT models, 1769 and 1770, comply with a wide range of standards. The required cooling can be carried out using cooling units or the customer's in-house cooling system.

Tester supply unit model 1769 (with pressure tank):
This tester is suitable for high test temperatures up to 114 °C (in line with BS 7291) and is fitted with pressure tanks. A compressor unit supplying compressed air is required for operation. The testers are subject to regulations regarding pressure vessels. The maximum test pressure is 16 bar and the maximum total cross-section for the samples is 8000 mm².

Tester supply unit model 1770 (without pressure tank):
This tester is suitable for test temperatures up to 95 °C and is fitted with unpressurised tanks. The testers are not subject to regulations regarding pressure vessels. The max. test pressure is 16 bar and the maximum total cross-section (depending on the flow rate inside the samples) is 8000 mm².

According to following standards: 

  • ISO 12293
  • DVGW W 534
  • DVGW W 542
  • DVGW W 543
  • BS 7291

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

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  • Optimum access to the test chamber via large sliding doors
  • Option: Test chamber accessible from one or both sides
  • Operator protection thanks to electronically monitored door lock
  • Option: Built-in sample rack, perforated frame or customised design to accommodate the test samples
  • Tensioner with load cell and instruments to apply the initial tensile stress
  • Convenient operation and clear visualisation via PC control

Reliable test results:

  • Microprocessor-controlled, self-learning pressure regulation with automatic failure detection
  • Constant test temperatures, high pressure accuracy and precise flow regulation
  • Various immersion tanks are also available for carrying out immersion temperature cycling tests in line with DVGW W 542. The supply unit is connected in modules and is adapted to the space that our customers have available.

Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs

State-of-the-art technology:

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  • Interface to IptDataLogging®

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