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Airless ProfessionalLine

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> Model no. 1720

The 1720 ProfessionalLine model is the most innovative development in state-of-the-art internal pressure creep testers. Its compact design, flexibility and precision remain unparalleled.

Keeping a finger on the pulse: The maxim for the new development was to attain maximum accuracy, a long service life and a user- and service-friendly system, combined with flexibility and the precondition to be able to expand the system with additional modules.

High-precision pressure regulation. Selectively regulated input pressure in each individual module ensures reduced wear to the solenoid valves.

Optimised material selection. All metal components that come in contact with the medium can optionally be manufactured out of high quality stainless steel, entirely free of copper ions. In addition to preventing corrosion, the materials also ensure that the test results will be reliable. Standard units are supplied in brass.

Quick system calibration: The  integrated  needle  valves enable a direct link to be established to the optional master gauge even while testing is underway.

Room to grow: The modular structure and the technical requirement for test pressures, optionally up to maximum 600 bar leave room for further expansion.

According to following standards: 

  • ISO 1167
  • ASTM D 1598
  • ASTM D 1599

Data sheets: 


Simple and safe operation:

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  • Convenient operation, evaluation of results and clear visualisation via complex PC operating software
  • Operator and service-friendly access to all important components from the front of the unit
  • For servicing purposes, each station can be individually isolated from the supply pressure via integrated needle valves

Reliable test results:

  • Microprocessor-controlled, self-learning pressure regulation with automatic failure detection
  • Optional precision pressure transducer incl. pressure gauge for checking the actual pressure before or during the test
  • Simple calibration of the test pressure during the test 

Lasting efficiency:

  • Modular design for maximum flexibility with respect to configuration and retrofitting
  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs
  • Easy to extend with minimal investment

State-of-the-art technology:

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  • Frequency-controlled pumps for infinite adjustment of the pump capacity to current demand
  • Optional, selective system pressure controller for each module
  • Optional version with all components that come into contact with the medium in stainless steel
  • Interface to IptDataLogging®
  • Connection to Pipeson Data Manager Software

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