Precise and durable

Wall thickness measuring unit

Comfortable handling

Reproducibility of the measurement results

Digital high-precision gauge

Durable and sturdy construction

> Model no. 1049

The wall thickness gauge model 1049 enables the measuring of the wall thickness of pipes with high accuracy.
The measuring is conducted with a high-precision gauge mounted on the upper arm of the retainer. In addition, a variable counter-weight enables adjustment of the compacting pressure of the lower arm.

According to following standards:

  • ISO 3126

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

  • Enables the determination of the wall thickness at any random point of the pipe wall (within the measuring range)
  • Adjustable, V-shaped sample carrier with integrated rollers
  • Horizontally movable retainer with guide slide bearing
  • Vertically movable retainer with guide slide bearing and handwheel
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Reliable test results:

  • Reproducibility of test results – independent from the individual user
  • Indication of result by digital high-precision gauge
  • High accuracy is achieved by a design that features low clearances and high resistance to bending