Tests of external load

Mechanical tests

Impact tests

Tensile tests

Compression tests

Bending tests

For the mechanical tests, the influence of mechanical stresses such as impact, tensile forces or deformation simulates the fatigue of the specimens.

For determination of ring stiffness, ring flexibility and creep ratio


> Model no. 1663, 1669

For determination of the resistance to external impact of thermoplastic pipes according to the stair case and the round-the-clock methods.


> Model no. 1713

For etermination of the critical pressure and critical temperature for rapid crack on plastic pipes.


> Model no. 1629
> Model no. 1671

For determination of environmental stress crack resistance of plastics by means of the full notch creep test (FNCT).


> Model no. 1719

For determination of the resistance of pipes with external point loads to slow crack growth can be determined by means of a point load test.


> Model no. 1775

For performing tensile, compression, bending tests according to a large variety of international standards. 


> Model no. H3016