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Point load tester

All parts in contact with the medium in stainless steel

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Recognition of smallest failures

> Model no. 1775

The resistance of pipes with external point loads to slow crack growth can be determined by means of a point load test. Over the last 50 years, polyethylene (PE) has developed into an extremely high performance raw material. Significant advances have been made over the last few years in optimising PE's susceptibility to stress cracking, particularly with regard to pressure pipes. Pipes with PE 100-RC (resistant to crack) qualities are suitable for alternative installation techniques (trenchless and sand bed-free installation).

The point load test in accordance with PAS 1075 represents a key test method for ensuring the quality of materials and pipes. The point load test on the pipe simulates an installation situation in which the pipe is disturbed by the external influence of a point load, such as stones or sharp-cornered objects. The test procedure is similar to the internal pressure creep test, with the difference being that an external point load (generally a punch) is also applied before the internal pressure. To accelerate the test further, a wetting agent solution is applied to the test sample.

In addition to touch control, our new point load tester includes integrated pressure generation from 1 to 12 bar as well as automatic failure detection and heated storage tanks (approx. 15 l) with stirrer as a reservoir for topping up the wetting agent solution.

According to following standards:

  • PAS 1075

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

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  • Convenient operation and clear visualisation via integrated touch display
  • A test bath for 3 pipes, which are hung vertically




Reliable test results:

  • Microprocessor-controlled, self-learning pressure regulation with automatic failure detection
  • A volumetric flow rate for the wetting agent solution in the test sample that can be adjusted between 3 and 30 l/min

Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs
  • Parts in contact with the medium are made of stainless materials and are entirely free of copper ions

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