Safe and user-friendly


Automatic sample feed

Variable knife speeds

Operation outside the danger zone

> Model no. 1629
> Model no. 1671

The RCP tester conveniently and accurately determines the critical pressure and critical temperature for rapid crack propagation in thermoplastic pipes. IPT supplies a heavy-duty, motor-powered tester with a separate control panel as well as suitable sample holders with endclosures, a support and an inner tension  rod  with baffles for various pipe dimensions.

Standard equipment model 1629:

  • Basic unit with sample containment cage up to 250 mm (Model no. 1629)
  • Selectable strike speeds: 10 - 20 m/s
  • Parameterisation via electronic controller

Additional features model 1671:

  • Basic unit with sample containment cage up to 500 mm (Modell-Nr. 1671)
  • Automatic sample feed directly from the cooling cabinet
  • Parameterisation via touch display


  • Test kits and corresponding striker blades
  • Conditioning chamber for the samples
  • Assembly and disassembly aids for the endclosures

According to following standards:

  • ISO 13477

Simple and safe operation:

Kompetenz zeigt sich in den Details
  • Protection of the operator by operating the controller outside the hazardous area (e.g. behind a suitable protective wall at a safe distance from the tester frame) or outside the test room
  • Acoustic and visual signals
  • Easy connection of the sample via quick-release plug coupling
  • Easy to replace sample supports
  • Automatic reduction in pressure at the end of the test

Reliable test results:

  • Measurement of the precise strike speed of the blade via a photoelectric barrier
  • The automatic procedure guarantees that the test is performed well within in the specified testing time

Lasting efficiency:

  • Motor-operated test unit

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