Operator friendly and precise

Tensile creep tester for tests in fluids

Simple and safe sample assembly

High regulating accuracy

Circulation guarantees accurate temperature distribution

Constant medium flow to each sample

> Model no. 1719

The tensile creep tester for tests in fluids is used to determine environmental stress crack resistance of plastics by means of the full notch creep test (FNCT). The tester is operated via a touch display. Load is applied to the samples by placing the weights manually to the lever arm. The tester was designed such that each sample can be removed from the test tank without affecting the other stations. A special circulation system ensures that a constant temperature is present in the test tank and that each sample is supplied evenly and constantly.
The level in the test tank is monitored. The operator is prompted to top up the test tank when the minimum level is reached.

The newly-developed tensile creep tester for tensile loads up to 500 N. It is available as a six-station version with one medium container, a simple system for slip-free gripping of the test samples and precise, shock-free application of the test load.

According to following standards:

  • ISO 16770

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

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  • Simple assembly of the sample outside the test tank
  • Simple and safe introduction/removal of the samples into/from the test tank without contact between the test personnel and the medium
  • The opening is sealed with a cap during the test, when the samples are being replaced or when a station is not in operation


Reliable test results:

  • Constant and extremely accurate regulation of the medium temperature thanks to intelligent temperature control
  • Precise temperature compliance
  • Guarantee of a homogenous temperature in the test tank thanks to a special circulation system
  • Uniform supply of the individual samples

Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs

State-of-the-art technology:

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  • Integrated temperature monitoring
  • Interface to IptDataLogging®

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