Effective and safe

Methylene chloride tester

High temperature constancy

Automatic procedure

Maximum health protection

> Model no. 1800

Optimally protected when handling chemical test media that are hazardous to health thanks to the IPT dichloromethane tester, which automates the DCMT testing of PVC-U pipes. Simply place the test sample inside, close the lid, configure the test parameters on the  display, press start and the special carriage lowers the test sample into the medium for the selected time. A layer of water acting as a vapour barrier above the test medium and the exhausting system guarantee that the user's health is protected.

The circulation  system  via  an  integrated  heater and the built-in cooling unit ensure temperature constancy in the test medium.

According to following standards:

  • EN 580
  • ISO 9852

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

  • Automatic operating sequence procedure
  • Optimised health protection thanks to an isolating water layer above the test medium, effective extraction and optional filter
  • Operated via an electronic controller

Reliable test results:

  • Constant test temperatures thanks to highly-efficient water circulation and precise temperature control in the inner tank
  • Optimum temperature distribution thanks to large heat exchanger



Lasting efficiency:

  • Reduction in energy costs thanks to high-quality insulating material
  • Tester shuts down automatically at the end of the test

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