High quality and user friendly

Notch milling machine

Pipe sample holders

Automatic recognition of reference points

Stepless adjustment of notch length

Automatic processor-
controlled machining

> Model no. 1653

The notch test tests the resistance of PE pipes to slow crack growth. The notch milling machine produces V-shaped notches in polyolefin pipes in accordance with ISO 13479. The notched pipes are then subjected to a pressure test.

The new IPT notching machine with touchscreen automates this process. The pipe sample is secured by means of a power-driven holder, the reference point automatically determined and the machining of the notch is performed at the cutting speed stipulated in the standards. The length and depth are adjustable. An optional face milling cutter enables test samples with a wall thickness of more than 50 mm to be  machined in one sequence.

The integrated  touch control system does not only compute the notch depth on the  basis of wall thickness and desired remaining wall thickness, but records the total sum of notch length milled and displays a message when cutter replacement is required.

According to following standards:

  • ISO 13479

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

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  • Convenient operation and clear visualisation via integrated touch display
  • Fixation of the test sample with power-driven holder and torque-limiting friction coupling

Reliable test results:

  • Automatic computing of the zero point of each milling process; calibration by means of supplied reference gauge
  • Stepless adjustment of notch length

Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs




State-of-the-art technology:

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  • Integrated touch display
  • Automatic processor-controlled machining
  • Automatic calculation of the notch depth on the basis of the wall thickness and the desired remaining wall thickness
  • Recording of the total sum of notch length milled