Compact and reliable

Rotational microtome

Easy blade change

Safe cut

No damage to the samples

> Model no. H3009

The microtome is used to cut very thin slices from a sample material in order to subsequently assess the degree of pigment and carbon black dispersion in polyolefin pipes and fittings.

The rotational microtome is available in a semi-automatic version and is delivered completely ready for use. It can be used in various ways thanks to its exceptional precision.

To assess the samples, on request we also supply a suitable microscope and optical recording equipment.

According to following standards:

  • ISO 18553
  • ASTM D 5596

Data sheets:


Simple and safe operation:

Kompetenz zeigt sich in den Details
  • Simple operation when changing the blades and adjusting the cutting angle thanks to centrepiece that can be adjusted separately
  • Precise object feed
  • Balanced hand wheel ensures an ergonomic and safe cut
  • Acoustic signal when the end position is reached


Reliable test results:

  • Damage to the sample due to grinding on the blade is prevented by retraction of the sample during upward movement

Lasting efficiency:

  • Robust machining
  • High sample throughput
  • High-quality and durable blade clamping system made from case-hardened steel

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