Reliable results

Test ovens

High temperature constancy

Easy operation

Maximum safety

IPT’s test ovens feature a high performance forced air system, which provides an extremely constant temperature in the entire inner chamber. The high quality insulation of the double-wall oven housing and the microprocessor-controlled technology contribute to considerable energy savings.

The vertical arrangement of the test samples makes the best use of the space available whilst also ensuring that the inner chamber remains easy to access. The functional manifold systems with quick-release couplings and the sliding racks ensure that connecting the samples is quick and convenient.

For conditioning test samples

> Model no. 1662, 1674
> Model no. 1776

For conditioning samples according to the dimensional change of pipes as well as for general laboratory use.


> Model no. H3014-0003
> Model no. H3014-0013
> Model no. H3014-0016, -0021