Valuable and handy

Forced air oven

Uniform temperature distribution

> Model no. H3014-0003
> Model no. H3014-0013
> Model no. H3014-0016, -0021

The forced air oven is used to condition samples according to the dimensional change of pipes and as a drying oven (e.g. for determining the degree of crosslinking, water absorption, etc.).

According to following standards:

  • ISO 2505

Simple and safe operation:

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  • Operating convenience thanks to LCD display and membrane keypad

Reliable test results:

  • High temperature accuracy: temporal ±0,3 °C, spatial ±1,5 °C
    (Model no. H3014-0003)
  • High temperature accuracy: temporal ±0,2 °C, spatial ±1,0 °C
    (Model no. H3014-0013)
  • High temperature accuracy: temporal ±0,1 °C, spatial-subject to operating temperature (Model no. H3014-0016, -0021)
  • Uniform temperature distribution in usable space