Predictable conditions

Tests on raw materials



Powder pourability

Bulk density

The right raw material is essential for the desired quality of the end products. With the IPT test units you can simply and effectively test the quality of raw materials.

For determination of the density of plastics according to the buoyancy method.  


> Model no. H3002

For determination of the melt flow rate (MFR) and melt volume rate (MVR) of thermoplastics with operational temperatures up to 450 °C.


> Model no. 1709

For determination of the pourability and flow properties of powders.


 > Model no. 1326

For determination of the apparent density of molding materials.


> Model no. 1132

For determination of the fineness of all kinds of powder or grain-like materials.

> Model no. H3001

For determination of the K-value of PVC.


> Model no. H3008

For determining the OIT of polyolefins.


> Modell no. H3003-0009

For determining the OIT of polyolefins.


> Modell no. H3003-0018

For controlling the quality of raw material.


> Modell no. H3003-0010

For measuring the environmental stress cracking of ethylene plastics.


> Model no. 1692

For determination of water absorption of plastics.


> Model no. H3005-0004

The Moisture content unit is a precise tabletop measuring unit that measures low water content in solids.


> Model no. H3021