Self explaining and high quality

Moisture content unit

Precise test results

Excellent reproducibility

Intuitive menu navigation

Cooling with integrated fan

>Model no. H3021-0008

The unit for determining water content is a precise tabletop measuring unit that measures low water content in solids. The accuracy of the test procedure combined with a relatively high sample weight enables even the smallest levels of moisture to be determined with a resolution of just a few ppm. The absolute water content of the sample material is analysed using a chemical method, and not by assessing the decrease in sample weight, as this only gives a prognosis of the relative moisture content.

According to following standards:

  • EN 12118
  • ISO 13480

Data sheets: 


Simple and safe operation:

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  •  Convenient operation and evaluation of results via complex PC operating software
  • Intuitive menu navigation thanks to instructions with graphics
  • Result report saved automatically after the test

Reliable test results:

  • Precise test results and excellent reproducibility




Lasting efficiency:

  • High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability and a long service life

State-of-the-art technology :

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  • Reactor cooling up to a standby temperature of 50 °C using integrated fan
  • Components that come into contact with the medium are gilded to prevent water absorption and corrosion

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