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Maintenance and repair

It is not just your image that depends on the reliability of your test equipment, so too does the good reputation of IPT. You can therefore rest assured that we will make every effort to keep your system in good condition.

Exceptionally high-quality machines require an exceptionally professional service. That's why it pays to bring in specialists. At IPT, we know our systems better than anyone else. But there is much more to a good service than this: we are easy to contact, offer prompt availability and boast motivated employees.


The benefits of an IPT maintenance contract:

  • Basic requirement in a certified QS system
  • Guarantee for the accuracy of the measuring and test results
  • Calibration, maintenance and, if necessary, repair with just one visit
  • Fixed prices with a clear breakdown of costs
  • Preservation of the value of your system
  • Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive faults and ensures a high level of safety and quality that lasts
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The maintenance contract includes:

Kompetenz zeigt sich in den Details
  • Travelling time and expenses for our technician
  • Maintenance and calibration work
  • Small items required for carrying out the specified maintenance work
  • Calibration with a corresponding maintenance and test report, allowing the results to be used to demonstrate compliance with national standards