Reliable and time-saving


Automatic monitoring

Decentralised, legally-compliant monitoring

Automatic reporting

For any number of tests at once

How can an efficient quality control test be carried out? Who checks the test sequence when no one is there? How many test runs are carried out at once?

With the special IptDataLogging® software developed by IPT you have a test management system that automatically monitors and records your on-going quality tests around the clock. The software continuously monitors whether the test is running correctly, signals any deviations on the display and also notifies you via e-mail or text message. Thanks to this self-diagnosis function, faults are detected promptly and additional costs and repeat tests are minimised.

Each PC with IptDataLogging® functions as the control centre for all the equipment in your laboratories: With IptDataLogging®, you can take a virtual stroll through your facilities by simply pressing a few keys and gather information directly from your desk as though you were standing in front of each test unit. This saves you time and cuts out unnecessary "flying visits" to the laboratory. With remote maintenance, you can even monitor test sequences regardless of your location, as IptDataLogging® allows you to use your laptop to visit your laboratory at any time. This enables you to keep track of tests at laboratories off-site if you so wish.

In addition to reporting and archiving all the results, IptDataLogging® also enables you to conveniently enter all the relevant data from your desk and transfers it to the test equipment at the right time. You are always just a mouse click away from all the relevant data and results.

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Suitable for the following applications: 

  • For laboratories that carry out several tests simultaneously
  • For laboratories that carry out tests at several locations
  • For laboratories that do not have any technicians at weekends or due to holiday leave

IptDataLogging® Version 6.0:

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  • Can communicate with all current, processor-controlled IPT units
  • Is fully network-compatible
  • IptDataLogging®V6 Professional is licensed for max. 3 clients
  • IptDataLogging®V6 Standard is licensed for max. 1 client
  • Supports all characters and enables the user to translate the operating language into the local language
  • Variable database access and hence also data export, e.g.: ODBC3 (MS Access, SQL Server, Excel...), Oracle, Sybase Adaptive Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, SQLite, Interbase
  • Integration of third-party equipment possible
  • Restructured, state-of-the-art, clear interface
  • Integration/management of images and videoclips of test sessions

Comprehensive configuration options

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  • Language selection for all fonts (e.g. Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic ...)
  • Choice between metric and imperial system
  • Chart recorder function for graphical presentation of measurements, e.g. pressure, temperature, force
  • Automatic data backup
  • Generation of test description types with user-definable fields
  • Generation of reports and lists via the integrated report generator
  • Reporting system supports printing in various languages
  • Automatic notification via electronic messaging (e-mail, text message)
  • Automatic printout and data export for definable events

Convenient management of test samples

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  • Simplified creation of new tests by selecting templates or copies
  • Parameters transferred to the equipment
  • User-defined search functions
  • User-definable customer fields
  • Unambiguous association between test and customer
  • Test stations superimposed with virtual stations in order to manage several test samples at one station


Clear status management

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  • Laboratory overview
  • Station summary overview
  • Display of station details
  • Central display of all temperatures