Valuable and compatible

Pipe Data Flow System

Optimize data management

Simplify data evaluation

Streamline communication

Share the findings

IPT develops and supplies high quality test equipment and test management software. Pipeson simplifies data evaluation, optimizes data management and streamlines data communication.

Pipeson’s software is fully compatible with IptDataLogging and Pipeson data files can be created directly in IptDataLogging, eliminating the need of manual data export and import via Excel. Together we provide a complete solution for effective test data management and pipe data flows with seamless communication from testing laboratories throughout the entire customer organization. IptDataLogging monitors and stores accurate test data. Pipeson turns that data into valuable information and communicates it seamlessly to all stakeholders in your organization.

For more information about how Pipeson software can create value in your IPT lab and other departments in your organization working with test data, please contact your sales representative or visit

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  • IPT and Pipeson have been partners since 2012 and share the common vision of providing our customers with integrated test data solutions that optimize workflows, save time, increase quality and eliminate errors
  • Pipeson’s data analysis and management solutions are fully compatible with the IptDataLogging software


Pipeson Data Manager:

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  • Generates seamless, time-saving communication by collecting and storing data and information in a Pipeson project database
  • Automatically updates projects from IptDataLogging database. 100% error-free.
  • Provides a bird’s eye view of all projects that allows you to make the most of your recent and historical test data.

Pipeson Analyzer:

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  • Has direct access to the Pipeson project database
  • Allows you to monitor projects, compare performance, and manage results
  • Pipeson Analyzer is also fully stocked with tools to simplify data analysis and all results created in Pipeson Analyzer, such as reports and graphs, is also easy to share with other stakeholders